Tech Tip Videos

Check out these videos to help you navigate the most common computer issues. We also have a special guest appearance from Tech Nola! See some of our videos here, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the rest! 


Nola's Tech Tips #1
Nola's Tech Tips #2

Dusty Computers?

Is the inside of your computer a bit dusty? Bring it in for a bath! Let us help get your computer beautiful again! :)

Keeping Businesses safe with ODCS!


We were able to help replace a Bad NVR unit for some existing security cameras to help this business keep an eye on things!

2711 O ST, Lincoln, NE 68510

Tel: 402-217-3995



Hours of Operation: M - F:  8:30AM - 4:30PM

                                SAT:    Closed 

                                SUN:   Closed 


To ensure the highest quality of service we setup appointments at our location or yours.


Please call ahead to setup your appointment! 

Bloated Battery


Is your laptop feeling a bit bloated? It's not uncommon for batteries to start to bloat in a laptop! We were able to fix this right up!

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